Directions GP Dr. Peter Tait  – Winner of the 2017 PHAA Sidney Sax Medal

26 Oct 2017
Dr Peter Tait, General Practitioner and Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University, Co-Convenor of the PHAA Ecology and Environment Special Interest Group, was awarded the Sidney Sax Public Health Medal, the Association’s pre-eminent annual prize.

Dr Tait was awarded for his outstanding work in the protection and promotion of public health, particularly through advancing awareness of planetary health and the impact of climate change on human health.

Dr Tait said, “We honour Sidney Sax because he worked with government to realise his vision of access to affordable primary health care and medicines for everyone. These days, to achieve a vision of humans living respectfully in tune with our planet, our task is to change government. This doesn’t mean change the party in government, but to change the government system so that it promotes the health of all people, other species and our children, and protects the ecosystem that provides for our wellbeing.