Counselling Model

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Directions counselling services use both, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Humanistic Counselling models.

In SFBT the focus is on:

  • How does the person want things to be different; and
  • What will it take for this to happen?

SFBT also focuses on the future and how to use a person’s strengths, and resources, to bring about positive changes in their life.

Humanistic counselling values all aspects of the person: thinking, feeling, emotion, and intuition. The right of a person to be self determining is valued highly at Directions. The intent is to help a person facilitate his or her own inner resources, and so, people are entitled, and encouraged, to make their own choices.


  • We believe that people have control of their lives
  • We believe that people are capable of making life changing decisions
  • We believe people can overcome addiction
  • We believe in harm minimisation
  • We believe that crisis provides an opportunity for growth